My Story
As a child in Krakow, Poland I was raised by two artistic parents both are exceptional painters and artists. I was surrounded by art and creativity it was not long before I too had the bug, I was never without a pencil in my hand drawing and creating. I would draw anything I saw around me, anything that caught my eye or was just interesting. People, Places and even small items my art grew into a lifelong love and passion.
I made the move from Poland to the UK and settled in a sweet little town called Cupar in Fife that I am very proud to now call my home. I picked up my first camera, taking photos in my free time and learning about lighting, positions, settings it was not in my mind that this would one day be my living. After a huge learning curve I settled into my own style, I admire others work but for me, it was important to have my own style, be different, it’s the creative side in me and I am always learning and adapting trying new things. Once I was more experienced I took the plunge and invested in some more serious equipment, I wanted to work with the best! I got my Nikon D700 it was a world away from what I had before and I love it to this day, I got lights, lens and backgrounds anything the pros have I wanted. I learned about editing, Photoshop and everything to improve the quality and allow me to be more creative. If I am being totally honest I have loved every second and I would have continued in the same way if this had stayed just a hobby, an expensive hobby I would admit!
When I started my business I was in a whole new world but creative and being in business sadly do not go hand in hand. But I did have a few things driving me to succeed Passion, Hard work, Honesty and of course my D700! The rest I am still learning as I go years on. I have done well with the support of my Facebook following and customer feedback. I am honest and try my best to give great value for money and just enjoying what I do. The feeling of getting that perfect shot has never left me and I enjoy being part of people’s memories and happiness. My family often see me smiling as I edit the photos and they know unfortunately for them my camera is never far away!

Justine photography is now a full-service photography company. We provide wedding, portrait, commercial and baby photography in Fife, Dundee and Perth. All images are of the highest quality and edited to ensure a perfect product. I am a skilled and passionate photographer, I still have great memories of my first wedding in Fife and each time I do a wedding photo shoot or a portrait or baby studio shoot I have the same passion.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my journey and I hope to see you on the other side of my lens.

The Studio

Studio In Fife

We are proud to have opened our first studio in 2019 in Cupar, Fife. We have created a space to offer first class services to all our clients in Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee and Fife. Portrait Photography in this setting can be very creative and give a high class finish. The studio is also a gallery so we can show my work in wedding photography, portrait photography and baby photography.

As an artist having my own space gives me the freedom to create and as a photographer I love to take on a new challenge and see what together we can create. I have started working with couples and single in boudior photography and I have enjoyed learning in that area.

The studio is a place for you to come and chat see my work and talk ideas no pressure to book just come in and say hello and maybe you leave with a forever memory.