Wedding Photography Services by Justine

Justine Photography takes pride in offering the ideal photography services for your big day in Perth, Dundee or Edinburgh.

Amidst the canopy of lights and flowers, amidst the beams of laughter, amidst the love in the eyes of the couple and amidst the smell of fresh wine, every wedding presents a chance for us to capture the best photos ever.

We at Justine photography have an eye on perfection when it comes to wedding photography. We realize that you have certain expectations which you want to meet when it comes to photography. All of the money you’ve spent on the décor, food, marquee and other equipment would go to waste if they aren’t captured the right way.

Your generations would remember your wedding on the basis of the pictures you captured. So, when you are spending so much on all other aspects of the marriage, ensuring that the photography is top notch is what really matters.


Capturing Everything about Your Wedding

We realize the importance of wedding photography in Fife. You want the best of the best captured on your wedding photos, which is why we try to capture everything on film and present it in front of you. Your wedding’s photography is a chance for us to excel and prove our class. We incorporate all elements of the beauty around the wedding and present it through our lens.


Accentuating Your Style

We don’t take over and completely sabotage your wedding photography style. Instead we leave the choice of style in your courts. You can direct us based on what preferences you have in mind. If you want photos to focus on the couple and not the guests, then we can do that for you. If you’re looking for ways to revolve the photos around a specific theme then we can do that for you as well. We understand the effort you have put in the event, and make sure that your effort and your style preferences are reflected in the pictures taken on the day. What we do is to accentuate your preferences to generate the best results. Your style is met with our execution for a match made in heaven.


Keeping it Natural

Finally our experience with wedding photography in Edinburgh has taught us how to keep things natural. We strive to follow a simple theme and keep a smooth flow onwards. We have over a decade’s experience in wedding photography and have garnered the trust of all clients on the basis of our ability to impress them with natural photos. You can dictate the environment during your wedding, while we jump in to add an amazing blend of natural pictures to the mix. Your wedding photography in Perth is a responsibility that we know how to ace.

Get in touch with us today and get the best wedding photography in Edinburgh. Let us add life to our pictures through our special services.

Wedding Albums

Layflat Album

The layflat photo album is our most versatile and popular of my whole album range, with a choice of covers, selection of coloured materials and paper types. This is a truly stunning album with quality not available online or in the high street. The layflat photo album lays completely flat when open with thick, rigid card pages, allowing you to incorporate full panoramic images and edge to edge printing into your design. The traditional binding method means you can place images right across the centrefold, with minimal interruption from the spine crease giving true centre stage to your image. Photographic lustre and gloss paper are available as standard with this album but you can also opt to upgrade your paper to either photographic metallic or velvet. The printing is of the highest quality and fine ink that will make your photos stand out.

Classic Album

The classic wedding photo album allows you to create a traditional style wedding album using modern, expert printing technologies. This album has lasting style and a high-quality finish it comes in a selection of different cover options with a choice of 2 paper types. The classic album is printed using photographic Lustre paper as standard but you can also choose to upgrade to photographic velvet paper. The classic wedding photo album is printed and assembled as single pages, allowing you to choose a striking inner core colour to break apart your images at the seam. This album is a bespoke product and can be customised to your liking. It is the perfect way to keep your memories forever.